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MessiahMarc Warren has taken over from Ken Stott for the leading role in the “Messiah” series.  He played DCI Joseph Walker in this second programme of the two-parter (the first took place yesterday).

The story began yesterday by the police finding 4 family members sat around the dinner table, all having had a bloody death. Their hands were tied together with rope and they seemed to be praying. The father ‘s face was totally white as he had been stabbed through the neck.  There was some sand on the table. The second victim was found in her car on the car park. Sand was found with a triangle, eye and some Hebrew lettering.  The third victim was found hanged to death and was a female dressed in a man’s suit.  The murders were all linked in that they were Christians, Jews or Muslims – all three religions being traced back to Abraham.

According to a follower, there were 7 signs from Abrahamic scriptures from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and from the Qu’ran. The next sign was Violence and Lawlessness and 7 of 9 would be killed. The murderer was thought to have a fundamentalist faith and the victims were representing the various behaviours outlined in the Signs. The Rapture was the last judgement or Armageddon.

The next victims also had a violent death but a woman and her baby survived. The woman was Martha Wallace who’s sister Lea had accused their father of raping her and there was a large trial case. The next sign was “bear false witness” and this turned out to have been Lea (the next victim) who had falsely accused her father of rape (although he did rape Martha).

There were many  twists and turns in Messiah 5, which also showed some of the personal life of the police and lawyers. They discovered that there were tapes of events that had taken place in a car park – a row between Lea and her father, a couple making love on a car bonnet , kids breaking into cars and a solicitor Mark Moore was arrested.

DCI Walker’s own girlfriend was a victim representing “Wars and rumours of War” and “Abandonment of faith”. The wrong man had been charged with the murders.

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