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Holby City cast membersHolby City was once seen as Casualty’s poorer relation. It started off by featuring actors from Casualty flitting in and out. However, it is now able to stand on its own two feet and attract actors from Soap Opera such as Brookside , Eastenders and Coronation Street and those from the Bill ( a regular circuit of work for jobbing actors).

Like Casualty, the programme is based in Holby City Hospital in a fictional city in the South West (similar to Bristol). It is a medical drama series which focuses on realistic medical procedures and operations .  It looks at all departments in the hospital and not just the Accident and Emergency Department (as Casualty does). The focus is on both the patients and the surgeons, nurses and doctors and the decisions they need to make on medical conditions and on their personal lives. There is also conflict between admin staff and managers (who want to meet various targets ) and the medical staff.

Holby City has just opened up a ward for private patients and this is causing problems as there are surgeons and staff assigned to the private patients, who were formerly with the NHS patients. One of the surgeons was accused of sleeping her way into the top jobs (Jac) and wanting to work on the private ward.

This week we saw Faye (Patsy Kensit) confess to Joseph that she had been questioned by police about her husband’s death. However, he had his own issues to contend with as his brother had been transferred to Holby City (after being unconscious for years).  Faye came across Joseph as he was about to inject himself. Later they shared an intimate kiss.

Holby City is fast becoming a favourite soap opera.

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