Shaun The Sheep

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Shaun the SheepWhen you are an adult there are certain programmes that you look back on with fondness. Children’s programmes such as The Wombles, Dangermouse and Roobarb and Custard evoke a warm glow and Shaun the Sheep is one of these programmes.

Shaun has been created by the hugely talented and Oscar winning company Aardman Animations  who created the Wallace and Gromit series; Creature Comforts; Morph and Chicken Run. He was first introduced to us in the animation film, “A Close Shave”. The film featured Wallace and Gromit who had created a machine to shore a sheep, collect the wool and then knit it into some item of clothing such as a jumper.  Wallace fell in love with wool shop owner, Wendolene but her dog Preston, was a sheep rustler. One of the flock – a rather shy and endearing sheep fell into Wallace’s machine and his fleece was cut a little too close for comfort.  He was named “Shaun” (or shorn) as a result and wears a woollen jumper (knitted from his fleece) to keep warm.

Shaun the Sheep is a spin off from the film and is now in its second series and is shown on CBBC (the Children’s version of BBC). The programme usually has a moral of some description and relies upon a mixture of silent and slapstick type comedy – such as trying to get the flock to diet and get fit and a particularly fat sheep being wheeled in a shopping trolley. It is an enjoyable programme for adults and children alike.

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