Coronation Street Round Up – January 24, 2008

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A lovelorn Jason makes up his mind to go to Italy to win back wife Sarah this week. Mind you, his timing could be better. He’s just had a one-night stand with Becky which the whole Street knows about thanks to a farewell kiss on the doorstep the following morning. Audrey is horrified when she witnesses the kiss and later relates the story to a furious Gail. Later in the week Jason arrives back from Italy with a split lip and his dreams of a reunion in tatters. Looking to Becky for sympathy turns out to be a wrong move as he promptly receives a punch in the mouth from his spurned lover.

It’s Maria’s hen night and she’s having a great time with all the girls until Carla turns up and puts a downer on things. But things could be set to go from bad to worse for the bride-to-be. Carla corners Liam on the morning of the wedding and tells him that they have to face facts – there’s something between them and they have to face their feelings. Can she convince him that he’s about to make a big mistake?

Elsewhere, a worried Sean discovers via Lauren that Violet is seeing the midwife about the possibility of a home birth. Michelle plucks up the courage to tell Ryan that Alex has changed his mind about seeing her and she’s already met up with him. When a furious Ryan runs off, Michelle is left devastated.

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