EastEnders Round Up January 24, 2008

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Relationships are about to be rocked in this week’s visits to Walford. Minty and Garry come over all sensitive and have a heart-to-heart about fatherhood. Meanwhile, Hazel is struggling to come to terms with her heartbreaking news. Minty falls into despair and discovers that he doesn’t cope well without Hazel around. The flat is a complete cesspit and to top things off he falls out with Garry. Even a picture of Hazel in the flat makes him cry. Can he resolve things with her?  

Clare makes her mark in the Square while job hunting, and Ian and Christian experience being business partners. Deano returns from prison but his ordeal has changed him. He is not the same person. Heather is chucked out of Shirley’s flat to make way for Deano.

Elsewhere, Stacey arrives back in the Square after a night out. With no money to pay the cab driver, she has to do a runner from him and is shocked when he chases her.

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