Emmerdale Round Up January 24, 2008

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The prospect of getting their hands on Scarlett’s money – sorry, becoming Scarlett’s trustee – has Lexi, Carl and Jimmy at Loggerheads in Emmerdale. Lexi wants Carl to ring the solicitor to lend his weight to her becoming the youngster’s representative in all things financial. Jimmy, meanwhile, is stunned when he invites the solicitor over to press his own case, only to discover that he has already spoken to Lexi and is under the impression that she already has Carl’s support. All three are left reeling though, when the solicitor reveals who he has chosen – Matthew. And there’s another surprise in store, for an unseen Scarlett at least, when she sees the resulting row. 

Val is due in hospital for an operation that will rule her out of the charity loop-the-loop plane ride. Not that she’s bothered to let Viv know, mind you – much to sister Diane’s disgust. Val insists that she’ll tell Viv when the time is right, but pretty soon Diane and Viv are putting their heads together to teach the unrepentant Val a lesson.

Elsewhere, Gray insists to a worried Diane that he knows what he’s doing with Katie. When he kisses her and tells her he’d like a future together, will Katie feel the same way? Victoria is furious when Jack mentions her psychiatric assessment in front of new farmhand Jake. However, Victoria is later delighted when Jake asks how her appointment was and seems to be showing a genuine interest in her.

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