Hollyoaks Round Up

January 24, 2008 by  
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Michaela finds herself looking for a new home when a shocked Myra finds a bag of heroin hidden in her drawer. Michaela is adamant the drugs are nothing to do with her, but is promptly kicked out and ends up lodging with – of all people – Niall, the one who secretly injected her with heroin in the first place after she passed out at a party. Enlisting Elliot to help prove her innocence to her family, Michaela makes the mistake of revealing her plans to Niall! 

Exam time brings stress for the students with an already worried Sasha less than impressed when Fletch turns up for the English exam. Meanwhile, Newt and Lauren’s plan to cheat in the geography test backfires when Russ doesn’t give them the questions they asked for.  

Elsewhere, Summer is excited about moving, but O.B. is worried about losing the girl he loves. Love is in the air for Gilly too, as he tells a shocked Rhys that he’s going to propose to Beth. Rhys, on the other hand, insists his relationship with Mercedes is purely physical. But a tender moment leaves him wondering if there’s more to it. 

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