Neighbours Round Up January 24, 2008

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Hit-and-run victim Bridget may be out of hospital, but her recovery is proving far from easy. Determined to go back to school without her crutches, Bridget’s confidence takes a knock this week when she falls at home. Humiliated, she insists she’s not feeling well and will be staying home. Rachel assures her that no-one at school is going to give her a hard time about the crutches, but Bridget is adamant. It seems her mental scars may be slower to heal than her physical ones. 

Meanwhile Susan, the driver of the car that hit Bridget, is still facing problems of her own. Convinced that she deserves to be punished for the accident, Susan is determined to go ahead with her guilty plea – to the consternation of Karl, Zeke and Rachel. Can they talk Susan into defending herself in court. 

Elsewhere, a bitter Declan decides to cut his losses and leave Erinsborough – sparking a mad rush by the Napiers to the train station to bring him home. Frazer surprises Rosie with his new job as a cabbie, and Carmella has a ‘business meeting’ with Marco and denies Rosie’s suspicion that romance is in the offing. But is she protesting too much?

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