Rick Stein’s Food Heroes: Another Helping

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Rick SteinIf you are a “foodie”, then the world is your oyster (pardon the pun) at the moment. There is no end of cookery or food preparation programmes, yet they all have something slightly different to offer.

Rick Stein’s Food Heroes encourages us to examine the food that we eat and look for the best sources. He has written a vast number of books and won many awards for himself and for his restaurants and specialises in the cooking of fish.

In this series, Rick tours around Britain and Ireland in search of good sources and visits Southern Ireland for traditional Irish fare. The programme gave chance to take in the stunning scenary and learn something of Ireland. A favourite dish is corned beef and cabbage which was served on Easter Sunday in Ireland. Most people are more used to having fatty corned beef from a tin and mixed with potatoes and served as “hash”. However, traditional corned beef was a quite thick hunk of meat (usually brisket) with the corn being the process of curing the meat with salt, rather than the grain of corn.

We were also shown how to make Irish soda bread , something which Rick Stein was particularly excited about as he visited Cork. Like most good things, the recipe and procedure for making the bread had come about by accident as Ken Buggy made some for his guests. He was disturbed part-way through the process many years ago and forgotten how much of the ingredients has been added. His soda bread had now become a particular favourite. Rick Stein’s Food Heroes: Another Helping was quite a mouth watering experience.

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  1. Barbra Krystyna Michnowski says:

    Dear Rick Stein Here I am in Sydney Australia, its 31 August 2009 & I have your show & episode “Another Helping” on TV at the moment.The one where you go to Cork. We really are behind in Australia. I just watched you & Ken Buggy who made that delicious looking Irish Soda Bread, what a bugger I can not find the recipe anywhere, is there any chance you were lucky enough to get the recipe off the delightful Ken Buggy. We also have on cable your other show FRENCH ODYSSEY on Saturdays. How I envy you lifestyle I hope you realize how lucky you are meeting all those great characters in your travels. Being that you appear to be a nice man I am sure you do, I love watching your shows & my 2 toy black poodles Tiffany & Lucy go bananas when they see your lovely little dog. Is he a terrier of sorts? Well I could go on forever My partner of 30 years, Mark, says I could talk under water! All my best Barbra

  2. Catherine Foxall says:

    Like the lovely Barbra above, I’m looking for Ken Buggy’s soda bread recipe but cannot seem to find it. Can anyone help?