Double Jeopardy

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Double JeopardyDouble Jeopardy is a legal defence in some countries (for example in the USA), which says that a person can not be tried twice for the same crime. This is the premise for the film of the same name. It stars Ashley Judd as Libby Parsons and Tommy Lee Jones as Travis Lehman.

Libby is happily married to Nick and has a young son Matty. Libby and Nick spend time on their boat and she awakes one day to find the bed empty, blood on the sheets and blood in the shower. However, her husband is nowhere to be seen.  It is assumed that her husband has been murdered, but the investigation finds that he has a rather large insurance policy. Libby is arrested, charged with his murder and sent to prison to serve a 7 year sentence.  

Angela, Libby’s friend is charged with looking after Matty but on one phone call she realises that Nick is still alive. Having been wrongly charged with murder, Libby is determined to get revenge. She learns that using a defence of  “Double Jeopardy” she can kill Nick and not be charged. Travis Lehman is her parole officer and becomes involved in the process.

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