What Women Want

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What Women WantWhat Women Want is a comedy starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt in the lead roles. Mel Gibson plays  Nick Marshall, a male chauvinist business man. He is a divorcee with a teenage daughter who he does not understand.  Nick works in the advertising industry, but finds that he is passed over for promotion and that Darcy McGuire (Helen Hunt) gets the job instead.

He is quiet keen to impress his boss, Dan (Alan Alda) and for the next assignment attempts to get in touch with his feminine side in advertising a range of products for women.  Unfortunately, he has an accident in the bathroom whilst testing out the products and is electrocuted by the hairdryer and water in the bath tub.

The next day he can hear strange voices and it turns out that he can hear everything that females think about (and is drowned by the noise!). He decides to consult  a psychiatrist about this but she persuades him that this is a gift. Still smarting at Darcy getting his job, he gets close to her using his new “gift” and steals her idea based at advertising Nike to women.  Darcy loses her job and Nick loses his new found powers , but he realises that he has feelings for Darcy.  What Women Want is an enjoyable romantic comedy based on a single theme.

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