Coronation Street Round Up – January 31, 2008

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The big day has arrived for Liam and Maria but the wedding looks likely to be a memorable one for all the wrong reasons. After witnessing Carla seductively kissing her fiancé on the doorstep of their house, Maria is in turmoil over whether to go ahead with the wedding at all and confesses her fears about Liam and Carla to a concerned Fiz. Carla dresses to kill in a scarlet dress – determined to outdo the bride. As the car pulls up to the hotel, Maria refuses to get out of the car, saying she can’t go through with the wedding. Will the wedding go ahead?

Michelle is proud of Ryan as he takes on his duties as best man and apologises to him for the recent disruptions, insisting that he’ll always come first. Meanwhile, Alex causes a scene when he turns up at the hotel unannounced claiming he wants to meet his family. Ryan is distraught and Michelle immediately demands that she take Alex home before her family discover what’s going on. Will Michelle let events spiral out of control?

Elsewhere, Roy is torn about whether or not to visit Hayley in Africa – he’s worried about leaving the café and the flat and he also has a fear of flying. Violet is becoming increasingly exasperated with Sean’s baby talk and Sean is still troubled about the home birth idea. It isn’t long before he comes up with an alternative solution.

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