Emmerdale Round Up – January 31, 2008

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Sam’s predicament increases this week, as Samson’s health deteriorates. Sam is wary of the security at the hospital and calls Marlon for help. Sam opens up to his cousin and is eventually convinced to turn himself in to the police. Sam finds himself arrested and Samson is taken away. He tells his side of the armed robbery to the police and David supports Sam’s story that it was a misunderstanding. They downgrade Sam’s charges to breaking and entering and release him. A furious Sam has no choice but to return to the Dingles where he is told by the social worker that unless he remains with his family, Samson could be taken into care.

Gray and Katie receive positive news from the latest baby check-up but he is evasive when Katie suggests lunch. Persuasive, Katie seduces Gray and he softens but insists they take things slowly. They arrive at the Woolpack to find Carl and Matthew in the midst of an argument and, to Katie’s horror, word of her surrogacy is shared with the regulars. Later Gray returns home with Katie and it seems that the earlier setback has done nothing to dampen their affair as they head for the bedroom.

Elsewhere, Jonny is forced to impart some bad news when he discovers the wedding venue has been destroyed. He speaks to Paul and they discuss the option of a registry office, much to Val’s dismay. Nicola attempts to wear David down over his objections towards her murderous plans. When she can’t convince him Nicola decides to act alone.  

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