Hollyoaks Round Up – January 31, 2008

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Nancy is worried about Jake’s priorities this week as he seems more concerned about the wedding than Charlie’s chemotherapy. She is stunned when Jake announces that he’s made arrangements for them to be married in the hospital chapel so that Charlie can be there. Russ has concerns about Nancy and Jake getting married at the hospital, but agrees to be Jake’s best man. Nancy spurns Jake’s advances on their wedding night, but he uses his strength to overpower her, until Steph walks in. Jake is desperate to win Nancy back after the event, but she refuses to come out of the bedroom, reducing Jake to a whimpering mess.

Sasha is frustrated that Leo and Calvin treat her like a child while demanding that she grow up, and Fletch convinces her that getting stoned is the answer. Sasha refuses to accept Calvin’s apology for hurting her, packs her bags and leaves with Fletch to stay with Amy and Ste. Sasha and Fletch suffer a massive comedown in Ste and Amy’s bathroom after taking heroin the night before. Will she come to her senses?

Elsewhere, Gilly asks Rhys to be his best man, unaware of Rhys and Beth’s secret kiss the night before. Summer convinces O.B. he needs to tell Tom that he’s leaving for London. O.B. ends up reminiscing with Max about the old days and the mischief they used to get up to. Will O.B. still want to leave Hollyoaks when he realises what he’s giving up?

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