Neighbours Round Up January 31, 2008

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Things are tense for Carmella this week as she discovers her pregnancy may be at risk and is rushed to hospital with complications. Marco and Oliver hurry to be by her side, but an argument soon erupts when a jealous Oliver questions Marco’s motives in befriending her. Carmella decides to settle their relationship once and for all, and tells Oliver the truth – she loves him. With her heart on the line, Carmella is devastated when Oliver admits that he does not feel the same way. He reminds her that they will always be in each other’s lives because they are having a baby together, but will this satisfy Carmella?

Rosie is having a hard time at work, as she continues to be intimidated by hotshot city lawyer Christine. Christine challenges Rosie’s idealistic belief that she can balance a legal career and have a family. Unfortunately, Christine pushes Rosie’s patience too far and she tells her exactly what she thinks of her. An indignant Christine abandons the case and Susan is left without a lawyer. Can Rosie and Toadie handle Susan’s defence on their own?

Elsewhere, Bridget’s slow recovery is still proving far from easy as she faces her first day back at school. Elle is told to fire either Paul or Oliver and faces a tough decision. Pepper struggles to keep Ringo’s eating disorder a secret when a fatigued Ringo almost drowns after taking appetite suppressants.

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