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This WeekThis Week is a topical political programme that conveniently follows Question Time on a Thursday evening.  It has now been on air for 5 years and is presented by former newspaper editor,  Andrew Neil.  Former Conservative MP Michael Portillo also appears with Labour MP, Diane Abbott. Although Michael and Diane represent different political parties, they are good friends and there is a healthy respect of views. The purpose of the programme is to look at the last week in politics and of late, there has been a focus on political sleeze and payment of funds for MPs leadership campaigns. Normally, one or more political figures appears on the programme each week with a media personality. Various pop stars have appeared in the past and provided their views, for example, Lily Allen and guest should be prepared for some gentle teasing.

There are several running jokes throughout the programme as Andrew Neil asks the viewers to settle down with a glass of “Blue Nun” and watch the programme. Gordon Brown is often referred to as “Our Great Leader” or “Our Leader” and this phrase is often delivered with a sense of sarcasm. There are jokes about the three regulars not having much intelligence, when in fact they all were all well educated. This Week is highly watchable and has many funny moments (who can forget the recreation of “Is this the way to Amarillo?”) and it makes politics more accessible. Unsurprisingly, the programme has received an award for doing just that.

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