Ashes to Ashes

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Gene HuntAshes to Ashes is the welcome sequel to the fantasy, time-travel cop drama, which was also named after a David Bowie song, Life on Mars.

This series follows on where Life on Mars left off, but this time we are in 1981 (instead of 1973), a time when men wore make-up and flouncy blouses and dandy clothing. Sam Tyler died a few years ago, but we follow DI Alex Drake (played by Keeley Hawes). In the present day, Alex is called to a hostage situation but her daughter also gets involved . Alex is shot and wakes up dressed in a very short skirt and a fur coat at a party in 1981. Dazed and confused, she is mistaken for a prostitute as the police are called in.

Alex is familiar with Sam Tyler and the details of both his coma and his writings about serving in the police in 1973. So when Gene Hunt turns up, Alex is aware of him, together with Chris and Ray from Sam Tyler’s notes. Yes, Gene Hunt is back and as chauvinistic as ever – but he is in a 1980s suit and has now moved from his beloved Manchester to London (taking his team with him). Gene has swapped his Ford Cortina for an Audi Quattro , but he still has the patter and the respect of his team. DI Alex Drake spends most of her time dressed in her short skirt trying to listen to messages through the television and the radio of the current day (as Sam as done).

She comes face to face with the man who shot her (who later becomes a powerful drugs baron) and tries to arrest him but all the while, she is chased by the white clothed clown from the Ashes to Ashes music video. The programme allows you to reminisce about 1980s music, cars and fashions and the Thatcher era. It has some classic lines, mainly from Gene Hunt, and there is an element of sexual tension between Gene and Alex. We look forward to seeing how Ashes to Ashes develops.

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