Coronation Street Round Up

February 7, 2008 by  
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A fed-up Violet wants out of Weatherfield. The heavily-pregnant Violet is increasingly exasperated by dad-to-be Sean’s constant niggling, and decides that she and Jamie should move before the baby is born – without of course telling Sean. But as Jamie gets set to go to London with a load of their stuff ahead of the secret move, events overtake her. A panicked Violet realises that her contractions have started. There’s no time for the ambulance as her waters have broken and the baby is coming now. Will Jamie – en route to London – make it back to Weatherfield in time?

Carla appears to have put aside her disappointment over Liam’s marriage to Maria – or has she? There’s gossip aplenty at the factory this week as Carla enjoys a fling with Tony. Her former lover turns up to give her a cheque, but ends up taking the keys from her handbag and letting himself into her flat to prepare a candlelit dinner for two. When Carla finds the door unlocked she thinks she has been burgled, and just misses Tony with a tire iron before she realises who it is. Anger, however, quickly turns to passion as the duo reunite. So why is Carla so reluctant to tell the newly-married Liam on his return from honeymoon that she and Tony are back together?

Elsewhere, Tyrone and Molly want Jack to carry on living with them when they buy the house – but not Jack’s grandson Paul. Paul, meanwhile, has found Jack’s winning betting slip among Vera’s belongings and can’t wait to give him the good news – until that is Tyrone and Molly break the news that they want him to move out. Will a disgruntled Paul do the right thing or give in to temptation and cash the slip himself?

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