Emmerdale Round Up – February 7, 2008

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It’s not exactly a dream wedding by anyone’s standards, and Andy and Jo both attempt to summon up enthusiasm for their big day, but both are only too aware of the miserable circumstances surrounding their nuptials. Jo has her hen night at the Woolpack, but it turns into a night to remember for all the wrong reasons after she kisses Ross. On the big day, Jo arrives at the prison and walks into a prison room lit by candles. After a brief moment of happiness during the ceremony, Jo is forced to leave her husband and return home alone. But as an intruder enters Butlers Farm, will she have company on her wedding night after all?

When Hilary and Doug return to the village and the family sit down for a late lunch, Daniel is asleep upstairs in his cot. Laurel heads upstairs to check on him and her screams soon reverberate through the house when she discovers that he’s not breathing. As Paramedics arrive and administer CPR, family members are frantic. The doctor pronounces the infant dead and Ashley and Laurel’s world falls apart. They have to tell Gabby that Daniel has gone to heaven. Will Laurel let Ashley in to be the support she so desperately needs?

Elsewhere, David reassures Nicola that he’s still on side with her plans to bump off Donald, but is inwardly less than convinced. There are tears from Betty when Sandy finally breaks the news of his travel plans. An exhausted Bob is eager to take Mel on at the shop, but a green-eyed Viv aims to make the interview process as difficult as possible.

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