Hollyoaks Round Up February 7, 2008

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There’s plenty of action this week in Chester. Nancy is terrified when Jake shows up at Sarah’s looking for her and Sarah demands that Nancy tell her what’s going on. Louise is overwhelmed when Warren secretly arranges an Ibiza-inspired meal at The Loft. She tells Warren to get rid of Carl and Anthony as she’s suspicious of their strange behaviour, but the lads decide to stay put after overhearing a conversation between Warren and Jack. It is revealed that Jack has taken out a loan from a loan shark to buy The Dog back from Warren. Carl and Anthony take Jack, Frankie, Newt and Louise hostage at gunpoint, demanding the money from the loan shark. Anthony and Carl panic when the police arrive, a gunshot rings out and Darren slumps into Jack’s arms.

O.B. is touched by Max and Tom’s happiness about him staying in Hollyoaks, but he doesn’t realise that there’s a new addition to the household. He starts to feel left out as Max and Steph spend time together by themselves and finally reaches a decision on whether to stay or leave the village.

Elsewhere, John Paul and Kieron get close when they are roped in as models for the fashion show. They are left holding the fort at the fashion show when Katy, Warren and Carmel race off to The Dog after hearing that Louise is being held in the siege, and John Paul starts to see Kieron in a new light. There’s chemistry in the air and they find themselves leaning in for a kiss. John Paul tries to avoid Kieron after their illicit kiss, but Kieron catches up with him at the McQueens’.

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