Neighbours Round Up February 7, 2008

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It’s a tense time for all on Ramsay Street as Susan’s trial for her hit-and-run offence gets underway this wee. The pressure is on for many of the residents, including Toadie, who is gripped with panic attacks at the prospect of having to defend his friend and mentor in court. Steph is shocked to find him in the middle of an attack and forces him to admit his darkest fears. Despite everyone’s faith in him, Toadie feels like a fraud. Convinced he will only let Susan down, he tries to get the trial adjourned. Unfortunately, Toadie faces an uphill battle to clear Susan’s name and it isn’t long before Miranda’s harshly-worded statement paints her friend in a bad light.

Elsewhere, a concerned Pepper breaks her promise and tells Frazer about Ringo’s eating disorder. Frazer calls his mum, Prue, and asks her to step in. Prue dishes out some tough love to Ringo and gives him an ultimatum – if he does not see a counsellor about his problem, she will take him back to Muttatang. Feeling betrayed, Ringo has a chance to wreak revenge on Pepper when he finds a caricature that she has drawn of her fellow teacher, Helen.

Also this week, Rosie discovers that Marco is married when she goes snooping around his farmhouse. Paul is determined to find out why Elle quit Lassiter’s. Ringo learns that he has a pretty admirer. And Karl begins to suspect that Susan’s symptoms may be the signs of something more serious.

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