Coronation Street Round Up – February 13, 2008

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Things aren’t looking good for Sean this week. He is still in a state of excitement over the birth of his son and fails to notice that Jamie and Violet are behaving strangely. They are less than impressed by his constant presence at the hospital and Jamie points out to Violet that they really have to get away from Weatherfield. Violet tells the midwife to cross her off the list for visits as they won’t be staying in the area and Lauren is shocked when she inquires about a flat and discovers it is Jamie and Violet’s. Violet wants Jamie to be Dylan’s dad and to prove it to him she takes advantage of the date and pops the question. Lauren is becoming increasingly suspicious of their behaviour and she discovers they are about to do a runner without telling anyone. Will she be able to get to Sean before they take his son away?  


Michelle has agreed to let Alex stay a while longer after he complained of feeling ill. Ryan is not convinced that he is really unwell but knows he has little sway where Alex is concerned. When Amy starts to get in the way Alex takes her out to play in the back yard, but she sees the back gate open and wanders off. Steve returns to find Amy missing and Alex oblivious to her whereabouts. When Alex realises how furious Steve is he takes drastic action and locks himself inside the pub – with everyone else stuck outside.  


Elsewhere, David is jealous of Tina’s friendship with her ex. He’s not happy when she reveals she has arranged to meet her ex for coffee and convinces himself that Tina is testing his love. He tells Darryl that he needs to do something big to prove his feelings. Tony is determined to enjoy some quality time with Carla. Dan and Harry are not seeing eye-to-eye living in the same flat.  

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