EastEnders Round Up – February 13, 2008

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Ian is acting distinctly shady this week on the Square. He wants a new lease of life and decides to get into shape. He asks Christian to help him, but is it really Jane he’s trying to impress? It seems not, and a foolish Ian finds himself in a sticky situation after inviting Clare over for an evening of seduction. He is under the impression that Jane is out of town but unfortunately for him she is just across the Square. A manipulative Clare sets about sabotaging his plans…

Tanya has a moment of weakness and confesses to Abi that she misses Max. Abi, however, takes it as an invitation to get her mum and dad back together. Sean pressures Tanya into making a decision about their future. Over at the Brannings, Tanya and Max perform a karaoke duet for the kids and agree to attend parents’ evening together. Max soon lays his heart on the line and tells Tanya he wants her back. Maybe there’s still hope for them after all.

Elsewhere, after placing an ad in the lonely hearts’ column, Charlie goes on a blind date. When he arrives at Fargos, however, he’s surprised to find Peggy waiting. Dawn implores a frightened Jay to go to court and give evidence. Stephen wants to help Stacey realise her childhood dream as a fashion designer, but Stacey questions his motives. Steven, meanwhile, finds a runaway sleeping underneath Stacey’s market stall and takes her under his wing. 

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