Emmerdale Round Up

February 13, 2008 by  
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A generous handful of deceit is added to the mix this week in Emmerdale. Playing into Katie’s hands, Perdy reveals all about Gray framing Matthew for Rosemary’s murder. Katie feigns shock then anger, leading Perdy to admit that she’s blackmailing Gray. Katie tries to reason with her, but Perdy reminds her that Gray was about to have an innocent man sent down for murder. When Katie probes as to the location of the cardigan, Perdy reveals that it’s locked away. Will Katie risk her own safety to emancipate the man she loves? Katie locates Perdy’s key and searches Home Farm for the cardigan. Finding it, she turns to see that Perdy has caught her in the act. after a fight, Katie falls on her stomach and is immediately in pain. Have the warring women put their child’s life at risk?

Meanwhile, the Bishop visits Ashley and tells him that he must take as much time off as he needs. Ashley insists he’ll be back next week, but the Bishop puts his foot down and explains that his family needs him. As he and tearful Ashley pray, Laurel comes into the room and listens with anger and contempt to the prayer. Will Laurel be able to comprehend her husband’s need to speak to the God she believes took her baby away? Can Ashley find a way to bridge the gap between him and Laurel?

Elsewhere, Pollard is anxious when Val suggests dipping into their wedding fund to help with Paul and Jonny’s arrangements. Suspicious, Val later takes a look at the account and is furious to find that it only contains a penny. Jo struggles to control Sam and Jake at the farm due to Jack’s absence in Spain. David admits to Nicola that he’s doubting their plan to murder Donald. Nicola’s heart is soon in her mouth though, as Cindy downs the pills meant for Donald.

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