Hollyoaks Round Up

February 13, 2008 by  
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Nancy discovers she has a fight on her hands this week and is devastated when she is barred from visiting Charlie at the hospital. Later, Jake arrives home to discover his clothes on the doorstep and that his key won’t work. Having witnessed Jake’s vitriol, Justin goes to see Nancy. Unable to bear seeing his son raised by a monster like Jake, Justin finally agrees to stand by Nancy in her fight to gain custody of Charlie. Jake is determined to show Nancy up and puts on a fundraising event to raise money for Leukaemia research. Feeling harassed and belittled, Nancy turns on Jake and blurts out to the SU bar that he’s not even Charlie’s father.

Meanwhile, Zoe and Mike are taking more risks with their affair and even a close call with Sarah does nothing to dampen their lust for each other. Their secret doesn’t stay safe for long though, and the Barnes family unit is shattered once again after revelations come to light at Leah’s first birthday party. An appalled Zoe has to face up to the reality of her affair with Mike becoming common knowledge. After the revelation, Sarah insists on moving out, leaving wheelchair-bound Mike completely dependant on Zoe. Will she cope?

Elsewhere, it’s the biggest day of OB’s life as he waves goodbye to Max and Tom forever to live with Summer in London. Sasha and Fletch agree they’re both finally ready to have sex, but all doesn’t go according to plan. Carmel is shocked to learn that despite her pleas, Myra has failed to stop her benefits even though she’s now working.

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