Neighbours Round Up – February 13, 2008

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Susan has some bad news this week. She receives an alarming diagnosis when Dr Vinton tells her that she has had a series of mini-strokes and the risk of a more substantial stroke is high. Susan and Karl put on a united front to reassure Zeke and Rachel, who fret about Susan’s health. Shocked to hear of her mother’s diagnosis, Libby returns from Shepparton with her son, Ben, and vows to stay in Erinsborough as long as necessary. Libby, however, is hiding her real reason for returning to Ramsay Street.

Bridget is stunned when Declan asks her out on a date. She confesses to Rachel that she has never been kissed, so Rachel gives her a few pointers on what to expect. But Bridget is dismayed when the date gets off to a bad start. She still has a physical impairment from the accident and is mortified when they are confronted by teasing teens at the cinema. To make matters worse, Declan decides not to kiss her on the doorstep. Convinced that Declan is put off by her disability, Bridget catches up with him and gives him a piece of her mind.

Elsewhere, Elle is out riding when she spots some neglected horses belonging to a suspicious landowner. The RSPCA investigates but fails to find any horses at the property, so Elle decides to take matters into her own hands. Marco steps in to help Carmella with her business. And Ned does not know how to tell Janae that Kirsten is moving to Erinsborough.

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