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FriendsFriends is a classic American sitcom set in New York amongst a bunch of 6 twenty/thirty somethings. They often frequent the Central Perk coffee shop were a bunch of residual people are thrown into the mix. It was very popular Friday night viewing on Channel 4 and repeats of these are regularly shown. You can usually relate to at least one member of the main cast and these are as follows:

Monica Geller – neurotic and obsessed with keeping everything tidy and spotlessly clean. She is a chef but still plagued with hang-ups from her teenage – where she was fat and had hair that was prone to go frizzy.

Rachel Green – Monica’s childhood friend and a typical “princess”. She was spoiled as a child and has been conducting an “on/off” relationship with Monica’s elder brother Ross. She once worked as a (not very good waitress) in Central Perk but is now a high flying fashion executive.  Has a daughter (Emma) with Ross.

Phoebe Buffay – A beautician and masseuse who writes music (such as “Smelly cat” )  and sometimes plays her music in Central Perk. She is a free spirit and comes across as being ditzy. She gave birth to her brother’s triplets whilst acting as a surrogate mother.

Ross Geller – also neurotic (but not as much as Monica) and is a paleontologist who loves fossils. He has been married many times over – his first wife Carol became a lesbian and looks after their son Ben, with her partner, Susan. He was briefly married to Emily but said “Rachel” in his wedding vows. He has always loved Rachel.

Chandler Bing – the funny man of the group and until recently nobody quite knew what he did for a living (a Statistician). He met Ross at high school and got together with Monica whilst they went to London for Ross’s wedding to Emily.  Until he moved in with Monica, he shared an apartment with friend Joey.

Joey Tribbiani – he is of Italian American origin and proud of it. Handsome and a hit with the ladies (his chat up line is “How you doin..?” ), he is an actor with various degrees of success. He shared an apartment with Chandler where they had a lad’s life – equipped with large black leather chairs, a fridge full of lager and a duck and a chick. He is not the brightest of people.

Any episode of Friends is well worth a viewing.

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