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Tonight header‘To Catch a Love Rat’ was the second of a two-part investigation by Morland Sanders into a gang of love cheats, and part of the “Tonight” series.  

Meeting and dating people via the internet is increasing in popularity with more and more people meeting potential partners in that way.  There are specific dating sites set up for this where people can be vetted, but more often than not friends are made through various social networking sites , chat rooms and messenger facilities.  The programme concentrated on a gang of men from Nigeria who were making a living from “dating” women from the UK .  A couple of specific cases were followed, including a woman who had been dating a good looking man on the internet. She had been dating him for a few months, but during that time, he had asked for money for flights and other things.

The lady fell in love with him and as she wanted to meet him properly, sent money – $700 or so. She started to feel suspicious following the requests for more cash. Morland Sanders managed to trace the man to Nigeria and found that he was part of a gang.  He showed the lady the details of the man who had been defrauding her and she was, unsurprisingly emotional.

The gang had been using the picture of a male model (rather than one of themselves) to entice a woman.  Morland met the model (in France) and reveal that his photographs had been used in a fraud. As Morland relayed the facts, the model  was moved to tears at the thought that the woman was hurt and taken advantage of, in this way.  He was so affected that he said that he would completely remove his picture from the internet.  The gang had taken advantage of a vulnerable woman who had fallen in love and ‘To Catch a Love Rat’ was a warning to us all.

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