Hotel Babylon

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Hotel BabylonHotel Babylon is based on the book by Imogen Edwards-Jones and has now started its third series. At the end of the last one, Rebeccca left the hotel and Charlie was promoted to General Manager. The programme focuses on a number of key characters (besides Charlie) :

  • Tony, the concierge
  • Anna and Ben on reception
  • Gino, the chief barman
  • Jackie, the housekeeper
  • James , the Maitre d’

Hotel Babylon had the honour of presenting a fashion show on behalf of a fashion house called “De Rigeur”, but all was not as it seemed. Desperate for a free dress, Anna was changing into a sample and overheard talking between the two top men in the organisation. The more junior of the men had received a DVD in which the working practices of the people that made the clothing were revealed . There were sweat shop conditions with children as young as 6 sewing on buttons. The Chief Executive saw the DVD and instantly sacked his manager.

If the company dinner went well, Charlie was promised further business, but was placed in an ethical dilemma as Anna told him the truth about the company. The pair set about retrieving the DVD as evidence and contacted the sacked employee with a plan. At the company dinner, he posed as waiter and dropped a plate of food into the Chief Executive’s lap. Later, there was a presentation on the profits of the company, but the dvds were swapped and the executives saw the conditions of De Rigeur’s workers.

A blonde woman (Emily) posing as a journalist asked many members of the staff about any dodgy practices that they had adopted, such as placing the wrong labels on wine bottles and stealing hotel supplies. The staff managed to find her out but she revealed that she was a PR manager sent from Head Office. Her deceptive ways were not well received.

Meanwhile, Tony initially disappointed at his colleagues’ present for his 40th birthday (a ledger) and lack of love from his family, became attracted to a hotel guest. She was serving as a jury member and had been offered £500,000 to plead “not guilty”. Although they had only just met, she suggested that they move to Brazil and Cuba with the money. The next morning Tony received a loving present from his wife and a Digital radio from the maids and these events helped to change his mind about eloping abroad.

Hotel Babylon aims to give an insight into what happens in a 5 star hotel in London, but makes you wonder what really goes on.

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