Coronation Street Round Up – February 20, 2008

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Lovesick David has been sulking after his lovers’ tiff with Tina and is delighted when she shows up at the house. She storms out once again and devastated David’s unsure about what he’s done wrong. Gail takes the opportunity to request that Tina doesn’t mess David about and Tina stuns Gail with the news that she’s pregnant. She reveals she hasn’t told her parents and Gail reasons its best she doesn’t tell David yet as they don’t know how he’ll react. Urging Tina not to panic, she books her a doctor’s appointment and promises to help in any way she can. Tina starts to think a termination could be the best solution, Gail tells her not to make a rash decision and suggests she go home and speak to her parents. Is David ready to be a dad?

Ryan is still unhappy at Alex’s continued presence at the Rovers but Steve is hopeful that Michelle will stick to the agreement and send Alex home that evening. Although Michelle knows Alex can’t stay forever, she doesn’t want him to leave and avoids Wendy’s phone calls. When Michelle and Wendy almost come to blows, Steve is forced to intervene. As he escorts Wendy out, he quietly assures her that Michelle will come round. However, Michelle’s torn – he’s her son and she’s feels responsible for him. Will Steve manage to get through to her?

Elsewhere, Ashley is devastated that the butchers is having financial problems and tells Kirk he can’t afford his wages anymore. When Ashley arrives at the house and sees the squalor he and Chesney are living in – he’s worried. Later that day he shares his concerns with Claire and they resolve to revive the business and get Kirk his job back. Will Ashley be able to save the butchers?

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