Emmerdale Round Up February 20, 2008

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Pollard is having a hard time this week in Emmerdale. Matthew sets Carl on Pollard to bribe their way to the refuse tender. Pollard greedily accepts five thousand pounds but on his return home Val snaffles the cash for their wedding fund. With a favour to the Kings now outstanding, Pollard pays a visit to old foe Councillor May. As primary discussions take place, Pollard is floored when Rosalind enters, introducing herself as Mrs May. When the councillor leaves the room, Rosalind advises Pollard that if he confides in her, all parties can get what they want. Meeting at a top hotel, Pollard is nervous when Rosalind books a room and attempts to lure Pollard into bed. Outside the hotel, Rosalind gives Pollard a goodbye kiss and a mystery camera snaps the evidence. Has Pollard made a huge mistake?  

Meanwhile, Ashley is unsure when Hilary presses ahead with Daniel’s funeral arrangements and worries for Laurel’s state of mind. When the Bishop arrives, Laurel can’t cope and rushes out. Laurel and Ashley both struggle to cope on the morning of Daniel’s funeral. At the service, Laurel is unable to give her reading and so Doug steps in to aid his daughter. Fighting back tears, Ashley then gives a moving eulogy for his son with the congregation welling up, but Laurel can only stare blankly at the coffin. With her faith shaken and family isolated, who will help Laurel through her grief?

Elsewhere, Jo is shocked to see Charlie on her way to the funeral and warns him to take his stuff and leave. Charlie tells Jo that he’s sticking around for the foreseeable future. Indignant Jo tells him to get out so Charlie grabs her by the throat and slams her against a wall. Can Jo find some way to rid herself of Charlie? Doug is a broken man following Daniel’s funeral so Pearl offers him some support. They retire to the village hall and Pearl encourages him to unburden his troubles.

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