Hollyoaks Round Up – February 20, 2008

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Carmel thinks her luck is in this week as Myra organises a party to celebrate Carmel finally becoming a PCSO. When Calvin drops to his knee to give Carmel an engraved police whistle, she thinks he is proposing – and accepts! Nana returns to Hollyoaks, determined to find out who grassed on Myra. Mercedes, still hurting after Rhys jilted her the day before, blames Carmel for everything. Rhys is jealous as Gilly and Beth plan their wedding, and confesses that he stood Mercedes up. Calvin wonders how to win Carmel back as she arrives to get her things. Later, a drunken Nana stumbles home, unaware she is being followed by a vengeful Niall. Mercedes insists Carmel find out who attacked Nana while still blaming her for grassing on Myra.

When Ste is caught trying to steal Carmel’s purse he lies that Leah has leukaemia. Ste is desperate to stop his lie from spreading round the village, but Kris broadcasts his thoughts about leukaemia, and his support for the Barnes family, on the radio. Ste begs Amy not to reveal the truth about Leah, so when Mike turns up desperate to see his granddaughter, Amy tells him that she is very sick in hospital.

Elsewhere, Frankie worries about Newt’s developing relationship with Lauren and encourages Jack to have a man-to-man chat about sex. The couple are already discussing the subject, however, each thinking that the other wants to have sex. Kris laughs off John Paul’s attempts to set up a Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Society as an attempt to recruit fresh totty, and challenges him to a contest.

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  1. PCSO Bloggs says:

    This is not going to be good for PCSOs 🙁