Neighbours Round Up

February 20, 2008 by  
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This week on Ramsay Street, Susan’s mystery illness grows worse, leading to a devastating diagnosis. Susan’s attempts to get back to a normal life are cut short when she loses feeling in her hands and is rushed to hospital for tests. Later, on a shopping trip with Libby and Ben, she is terrified when she loses her sight and is left alone in the car park. This latest symptom leads Karl to suspect the worst, and Susan submits to an MRI scan. The results finally provide a definitive diagnosis – Susan has MS. She and Karl struggle to come to terms with the news, but do their best to be strong for the children. Alone, Karl breaks down under the pressure, while Zeke withdraws from the family, fearing he is about to lose Susan just as he lost his parents.

Bridget is also having a hard time. Frustrated by her lack of physical improvement after the accident and still reeling from Declan’s rejection, she decides to abandon physiotherapy. Her parents tread lightly around her, but Riley demands to know why his feisty little sister is giving up. However, Bridget has cause to reconsider when her paraplegic friend, Josh, attacks her decision. He says he has lost respect for her because she is turning her back on an opportunity he will never have – the chance to walk normally. Bridget returns to the pool for physio, and later she is surprised to discover that Josh’s interest in her runs deeper than she thought.

Elsewhere, Ned and Janae are concerned when Kirsten demands more access to Mickey. Ned admits that he still does not trust Kirsten completely, and when Janae sees her picking Mickey up from school and driving off, she jumps to conclusions. Libby continues to be evasive about her relationship breakdown with Darren and a betrayed Rachel dumps Ringo after she finds out that he kissed Jessica.

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