Terminator TV spin-off starts tonight

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Guys, you are in for a treat. Premiering tonight at 10 pm on Virgin 1 is the highly anticipated Terminator spin-off. Rarely has a TV adaptation of a movie got it so right as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Lovingly made, if at moments a little TOO lovingly, this is a cracking show with the makings of a lasting series.

You might wonder how on earth they are going to make this idea work- I mean Terminator 3 was so tear jerkingly terrible as well as, if I remember rightly, ending in an apocalypse that would seem to make a spin off TV series impossible. Well the first episode cleverly sets up a premise that we can, at a stretch, believe in.

The casting on the whole is great. Sci Fi fans may recognise the young Thomas Dekker, who plays John Connor, from Heroes (gay best friend of the cheerleader in series 1) and Summer Glau (from the tragically doomed but excellent Firefly). Lena Headey is a sexier but still tough as nails Sarah Connor.

Of course, the show doesn’t get it 100% right and there are moments of laugh out loud campness (look out for the line ‘class dismissed’ and you will see what I mean). There are also moments in the series where it spills DANGEROUSLY close to becoming a show that could have been called ‘Terminator High’, with all the teen dramas that you might expect in a show of that name. Don’t be put off though; it only dips a toe in those waters before leaping straight back out to become a gun slinging, car exploding adventure fest.

The terminators themselves are not so scary as you might hope, lacking the brute strength of Arnie or the chilling intensity of Robert Patrick. Cold dead eyes and robotic sprinting do not necessarily a scary terminator make.

As the series unfolds, the real care which has gone into the story becomes clear. These are fully fledged characters with a whole heap of moral issues, dramatic conflicts as well as the ability to kick ass. Like I said, the makings of a lasting show. Watch. Enjoy.

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