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Celebrity Ding DongAlan Carr’s Celebrity Ding Dong features a team of five celebrities pitting their wits against a team of five civilians (or non-celebrities) in a game show. The celebrities consisted of Paul O’Grady (team captain), David Gest, Myleene Klass, Peter Andre and Patrick McGuinness .   The programme is hosted by camp comedian Alan Carr with a celebrity handing out the points (this week it was Leslie “Ding Dong” Phillips). The winning team would go to New York and the losing team would have a trolley dash.

There are a number of rounds :

How the other half lives – one of the questions was regarding an independent insurer’s assessment of the value of Katie Price’s breasts against the life of one of the civilians. This was an interesting question for Peter Andre!

Crypts – his round featured Derek Acorah and involved Alan going inside a spooky crypt. Derek went into one of his famous trances and gave a few clues about a dead person – “wet shorts”  and the words “stroke my snake, it will not bite”. The latter prompted much hilarity and double entendre. With a further clue of “wrestling”, the correct answer was Steve Irwin.

Life swap – the theme was parties and the contestants were asked to select the person from their team who had the best party piece – Myleene from the celebrities (showing off her double-jointed elbows and the ability to play the piano backwards) and Andy from the civilians (who could twist his hand around). The audience were asked to vote on the best and not surprisingly chose Myleene.

Kiss and Tell – a woman called Natalie gave hints about the man that she had an affair with – describing where they met (they worked together) and Tara Palmer Tompkinson was a former girlfriend. The answer was James Blunt.

The final ding dong – this was a buzzer round.

Alan Carr’s Celebrity Ding Dong is a brand new game show with much input from likeable Alan.

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