Coronation Street Round Up – February 27, 2008

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Coronation StreetDavid’s suspicions are aroused this week on the Street, as Gail and Tina are clearly up to something. On the day of the abortion Tina confesses to Gail that she feels terrible about keeping David in the dark. As she leaves the clinic later that day she’s both physically and emotionally exhausted and texts a gutted David to tell him she won’t be able to make their date as she’s ill. David’s furious and convinces himself that she’s trying to fob him off and tells her they’re over. David overhears a row between Jason and Gail and she is forced to tell him the truth about Tina’s abortion. David’s furious when he realises she and Tina have plotted behind his back to abort his child and he tries to leave the house. Gail blocks his path telling him he mustn’t go out in this state and he ends up pushing his mother down the stairs in a fit of rage. Has David killed his mum?

Claire’s worry about Chesney reaches a peak when she goes round to No.5 with some home made food and sees for herself the squalor he and Kirk are living in. Kirk declines Claire’s offer of help and promises to sort everything out. Later, as Chesney’s in the house alone, a social worker arrives to inspect the house and to get to the bottom of who is actually taking care of him. Chesney’s horrified to discover that he’s being taken into care for his own safety and reluctantly leaves the street in a police car as Schmiekel is taken by the RSPCA. Claire is wrought with guilt about the outcome of her actions and comes clean to a stunned Ashley that she reported them to Social Services. Will she confess to Kirk?

Elsewhere, Tony stuns Liam when he presents him with the documentation for buying the factory that he’s had drawn up. Liam tells Tony he wasn’t being serious but Tony’s undeterred and says he’ll give Liam some time to think. Paul is shocked when Leanne reveals she’s thinking of selling the restaurant and Kelly is stunned when Carla sacks her.

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