Emmerdale Round Up – February 27, 2008

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EmmerdaleMatthew reminds Jimmy that he still hasn’t collected the rent arrears on Butlers. Jimmy visits an awkward Jo and suggests they discuss a payment plan. However, Jo insists that she now has the money and just needs to pay a visit to the bank and will drop it off later. Matthew fails to be placated by this news and insists that Jimmy should have accompanied her. Will Jo be able to come up with the cash? As the Kings and De Souzas wait for the verdict of the refuse contract, they continue to chide each other. When the council’s decision is announced, Matthew is horrified to hear that an unknown company KD Refuse is declared the shock victor. Demanding to know who they are, he’s shocked when Carl stands up and stuns them with the revelation that he’s KD Refuse.

Elsewhere, when his son reveals that he’s ready to propose to Louise, Bob is somewhat shocked. Whilst Jamie talks to Rodney about antique rings Louise heads to the pub. When she refuses a glass of wine, Diane jokingly asks whether she’s pregnant. Louise confides that she’s been putting off doing a test and is worried what Jamie’s reaction will be. Jamie makes grand preparations to propose while, unbeknown to him, Louise finally takes a pregnancy test. He heads to Louise’s room and finds the pregnancy test packaging shoved under the pillow just as Louise emerges. Louise refuses to divulge the result and asks him to leave as she needs to be on her own. Will Jamie change his mind about the proposal?

Meanwhile, Lily has had enough of Edna holding things over her and reveals to Betty and Pearl her marijuana secret, leaving them stunned. Nicola leaves David flabbergasted by talking of her latest plan to murder Donald – electrocution by train set. Will David finally succumb to her evil ways? An increasingly worried Viv tries desperately to contact Freddie.

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