Hollyoaks Round Up – February 27, 2008

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HollyoaksTension is rife this week in Hollyoaks and the Osbornes are nervous as Jake prepares himself for Charlie’s custody battle. Nancy is also feeling the strain, but her anxieties can’t be appeased by Hannah or Justin. She decides to reveal Jake’s terrible secrets to everyone in The Dog and the Osbornes are left reeling from her rape allegations. Steph is consumed with guilt after her confession to Jack about Jake attempting to rape Nancy. Dejected and hopeless, Nancy is certain that she’s lost Charlie for good, but will an unexpected visitor change everything? She starts to feel hopeful that she might win the custody battle, but her joy is short-lived when Newt and Jack arrive to announce that Jake and Charlie are missing.

John Paul and Kieron are weighed down with guilt as Kris and Hannah demand to know who John Paul’s secret lover is. John Paul finds it hard to hide his jealousy as Mercedes flirts shamelessly with Kieron. Darren is frustrated by Mercedes’ lack of work ethic as he tries to assert his management skills in The Dog and fires her. What will she do?

Elsewhere, as Lauren ploughs on with her plans to lose her virginity, Newt is desperately trying to put on the brakes. Max lives up to his promise to concentrate more on Steph when he informs her that he’ll be cooking a special meal for her. Elliot has worked up the courage to invite Sarah out on a date and is daunted by the prospect of lunch with a model. Will Sarah stand Elliot up? 

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