Neighbours Round Up – February 27, 2008

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NeighboursIt is a turbulent week for the Kennedy-Kinski household in Ramsay Street this week. As Susan struggles to accept her MS diagnosis, Ramsay Street rallies round to welcome her home from hospital. Susan’s family are relieved when her sight shows signs of returning, but Libby is distracted by an answer phone message from Darren. The message prompts her to turn on Karl and challenge him about his past indiscretions. Karl refuses to take his daughter’s vitriol, but Libby is then forced to tell her dad that Darren cheated on her, and admits that she has been lashing out at Karl because of Darren’s infidelity. The family tries to keep the truth from Susan, but when she finds out, she banishes Darren from the house.

Elle feels guilty that her article did so much damage to the farmer who owned the sick horses. She tries to make it up to him by writing an article about rural problems, but is dismayed when the editor of the Erinsborough News refuses to publish it. A determined Elle decides to fight for her fledgling career in journalism by taking the story to a rival paper. Is she putting her career at risk?

Elsewhere, Declan tries to apologise to Bridget for his behaviour and impulsively kisses her, only to be devastated when she says she already has a boyfriend. Janae resents Kirsten’s presence and is shocked when she admits she still has feelings for Ned. Struggling to cope with her mounting debt, Valda inadvertently commits fraud. And Carmella and Marco finally confront the growing attraction between them.

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