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Dawn FrenchIf you thought you’d never learn anything from a farting cow, think again. Aardman Animations, famous for Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run, have paired up with Animal Planet to create a series of short films promoting environmental awareness.

Dawn French is providing the narration for the clips which will air on Animal Planet (Sky 524 and Virgin 215) from March 1st. They’ll be broadcast to more than 200 million homes across Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

The ten clips feature a series of animated clay animals offering advice on how to lead a greener life. There’s a penguin who discovers the advantages of energy saving lightbulbs, a farting cow who finds out that his methane gas production is harming the environment, and a pug who learns to turn off electrical appliances before he goes to bed to save energy and get a better night’s sleep.

The humour in the 20 to 40 second clips means that the message never feels like a lecture. Plus, the entertainment value will make sure children pay attention – an important demographic to involve in the fight against climate change.
Dawn French has learned a lot while working on the clips. She confesses that she hasn’t always been green-savvy:
“I know I don’t do enough to save the planet and I know I should to try a bit harder.”

However, working for Animal Planet has inspired her to make changes:

“I’ve learnt greenhouse gases come off things that are on standby. I didn’t know that! I might have to address that in my own home. And we definitely recycle all plastic bags. I don’t throw them into the sea to harm the jellyfish. All cans go in one place and bottles in another place, and we have a compost in our garden.”

Sounds like she’s got it sussed. She even has some tips of her own:

“Don’t put meat in the compost. I used to think that anything that would decompose could go in the compost, but in fact what I was providing was a rat café at the bottom of my garden.”

Look out for the clips on Animal Planet from March 1st.

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