Paris Hilton Signs On For New Reality Show

February 29, 2008 by  
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By McGee Noble

Oh the world of Hollywoodland is in turmoil. Shows are dropping like flies after the writers strike (Las Vegas- the Baywatch of the desert, is dead to us now) and the major US networks are picking out their finest Hospital/Police investigation/reality TV shows for the new seasons.

My personal favourite is going to be the new Paris Hilton reality TV show. The idea is genius. The new show aims to find Paris a new BFF (best friend forever). Since Paris and Nicole can no longer work together due to, well, did we ever know why they fell out? Who knows, maybe it’s just that now Nicole is too busy making another generation of wealthy sproglets with rock stars to be a proper BFF.

”I’m really excited about this concept – I’m going to meet a lot of great girlfriends,” Paris, 27, told In Touch magazine. Ha. Ahahaha. Hhahahahahahahahaha. I can’t wait. This is the kind of addictive reality TV we pretend to disapprove of but friend, you and I both know that this is will be a hit, and that it is because we will be watching it. I love to hate Paris Hilton, she’s rich and stupid. I will never forget this exchange in the first season of Simple Life:

Normal person: You know Walmart right?
Paris: Um yeah? Where you buy walls?

Secretly we all want to either be her BFF or failing that see her fall into some sort of disaster that makes her look stupid and gives her the comeuppance for her blissfully ignorant, financially blessed life. However the truth is neither will happen, and somehow this is a girl who always lands on her feet, so we will have to be content to watch the self loathing bunch of hopefuls who will be sucking up to her for a new season of reality TV.

My real money for hopefully good telly will go to Miss/Guided. You might remember Judy Greer as the crazy secretary from the late, lamented Arrested Development. This girl is a comedic genius and this show about a high school guidance councillor could be great. It won’t be on our British telly for a while, but keep an ear to the ground.

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