Rambo III

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RamboIs there a person in the world who has not seen one of the Rambo movies? These are the movies which put Sly Stallone on the map, ensuring that he was to enjoy a long and lucrative life in the acting world – and who better to cast as the one man trail blazer, the human destroyer that is Rambo?

Rambo III sees our hero take on the might of the Soviets in Afghanistan, looking for his ex-commander who has been taken captive under threat of death. As you might expect there are gun battles, fights and a whole host of adventures in probably ne of the most action packed movies of all time. Love him of hate him, Stallone is excellent in his role as the reluctant hero and even now he seems to be as strong and as fit as ever before.

Those who watched the first of the Rambo movies will feel that they have seen the character develop along side Sly Stallone, as well as the Rocky films with which he is also so well associated. He is not pushy, he is not aggressive in real life but Stallone has a character and a presence which ensures that he is always centre stage, something which shines through in his movies.

While originally released in 1988 Rambo III is still very much in demand even to this day, with the series being shown in a number of places around the world in any one year. What is expected to be the final instalment as just released this year with a Rambo movie, amazingly still starring Slyvester Stallone as the lead hero – then again it was written, directed and produced by Sylvester Stallone.

The 2008 release has a budget in the region of $50 million and is expected to create a return with will be many times the amount invested. Surely the Rambo movie has to be the last in the series?

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