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Open All HoursWhile David Jason has gone on to make a great name for himself in the UK acting industry, Ronnie Barker is the man whom he saw as his mentor, his hero and the man who made him what he is today. Sadly Ronnie Barker died a few years ago but his shows still go on and Open All Hours is a classic amongst classics.

Set in 20th century England, Ronnie Barker plays old misery Arkwright who runs one of the many corner shops which were common place in the UK. David Jason plays Granville, who is Arkwright’s nephew and side kick in the store – running around delivering and doing the tasks which old Arkwright does not want to do himself!

The chemistry between Barker and Jason is a joy to watch, with each one playing off the other to bring about some of the funniest clips ever to grace UK television. Tonight’s episode sees Granville desperate for female attention and reduced to advertising in the local paper for “company”. Not expecting any real interest he is amazed to see the impact his advert has, and is inundated with offers!

Ever eager to see that his young relative is not led down the wrong path – i.e. not distracted from his work – Arkwright sets about sabotaging Granville’s efforts to find himself a girlfriend, with hilarious acting from both of the leading men. When you consider that 99% of the show is filmed in the “corner shop”, it is amazing how Baker – who wrote the show – was able to keep the attention of the audience for so long.

Open All Hours is one in a long line of hit shows involving Ronnie Barker and David Jason, with Porridge one of the other shows in which they both appeared together. David Jason was shaken by the death of his mentor and while not a man prone to public comments, he spoke of his friend in the highest regard after his death.

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