Coronation Street Round Up – March 5, 2008

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Coronation StreetEvents threaten to tear a family apart in the Street this week. Gail is still unconscious in intensive care and Audrey is stunned when the police inform her that they suspect it wasn’t an accident. David struggles to contain his panic when the doctor informs them that she’s regained consciousness and is ready for questioning. It becomes clear she has no recollection of the fall and much to David’s relief, the last thing she can remember is having an argument with Jason. Jason’s called into the station and tells the police his side of the story. Audrey starts to consider other possibilities and resolves to confront David and find out exactly what’s going on. Audrey bites the bullet and asks David to tell her the truth – did he push Gail down the stairs?

Carla is bemused when Tony goes cold on her after he overhears her chatting to Liam on the phone. However, later that day he invites Liam and Maria and Michelle and Steve round to the flat for dinner as a surprise for her. The evening is a success and as they all exchange stories about how romantic their partners are, Tony shocks everyone when he asks Carla to marry him. Carla assumes it’s a drunken gesture and the atmosphere is awkward as everyone waits for her to accept. Will they make it down the aisle?

Elsewhere, Paul warns Leanne that he’s not going to let her sell the restaurant from under him. Michelle is uneasy when Ryan asks if he can go away with Nick over Easter. Fiz is back from holiday and goes to see Chesney at the foster house and promises to sort everything out.

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