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EmmerdaleSandy is worried about the widening gulf between Ashley and Laurel in Emmerdale this week. Betty inadvertently reveals to Ashley that Sandy’s decided not to visit Luke in India after all, knowing that he can’t leave his family now. Ashley is upset, knowing how much the trip meant to his father. Talking to Laurel, Ashley explains that Sandy is putting his life on hold because of them and suggests they try and get over things, if only for other people’s sake. When Ashley suggests that they move some of Daniel’s belongings into the loft, too tired to argue, Laurel agrees. A relieved Ashley holds her close but she remains detached. When Laurel explodes at Gabby, Ashley is driven to defend his daughter. Ashley tells Laurel that he feels like she’s blaming him for Daniel’s death, just as she blamed Hilary, and accuses her of trying to drive him away. Could Laurel be about to lose her husband as well as her son?

Charlie grows impatient and insists to Debbie that he needs a car today. Recruiting Chas to the cause, Debbie fills her in and insists that she wants him well away from Sarah. Chas refuses to do a job with Debbie to raise some cash, but agrees to help her come up with a plan. Later, Chas enlists the help of Mrs McFarlane, realising that she has the criminal connections that they need. They ask her permission to pretend to rob one of her nightclubs in order to fool Charlie. Will the girls be able to pull off their perilous plan?

Elsewhere, Donald tells Nicola that he fancies a day up on the moors and the murderous minx immediately suggesting that they go alone without Cindy. Heavy hearted, Donald realises that his young wife has taken the bait all too readily. He reveals that he knows she’s been trying to kill him. Viv continues to look for Freddie. Perdy is rattled to hear that Gray is taking Katie into Leeds to buy some maternity clothes.

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