Hollyoaks Round Up – March 5, 2008

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HollyoaksTensions are high in Hollyoaks this week. Frankie is terrified that Jake may have killed himself. He is inconsolable, presuming Jake is dead, but he sneaks back into the Dog flat while she is alone, and makes a suggestion that could put Charlie’s health at risk. Nancy is afraid to leave Charlie behind after the kidnapping incident. Jack finally tells Frankie that Jake has been admitted for psychiatric treatment. Meanwhile, Zak attempts to broach his illicit kiss with Katy but she’s too preoccupied with Justin to listen. When Justin arrives home to find an apparently carefree, tipsy Katy having a laugh with Kris and Zak, it seems he’s the last thing on her mind. Katy and Zak realise that they have feeling for each other, but when Zak moves in to kiss her Katy runs off. Will Katy finish with Justin?

Dom is not coping with Tina’s pregnancy very well, and is both amused and astonished by Tina’s pregnancy cravings. As a romantic gesture he offers to take her for a romantic picnic, but when she tries to feed him, Dom seems uncomfortable with the intimacy and backs away in panic. Tina tries a different approach and dresses up in sexy lingerie to seduce Dom, but the pregnancy is clearly freaking him out. When he is attacked by a gang of girls, he feels even more emasculated and inadequate.

Elsewhere, Max realises that supporting Steph through her family troubles is more important than his birthday celebrations. He is determined to propose to Steph as they get into their fancy dress costumes for the cancer fundraiser. But they argue about Niall’s intentions towards her. Sasha defends Fletch when Josh and Michaela question his recent behaviour. The girls think it’s pointless to revive the Baby Diegos without Fletch but can Josh persuade them, especially Sasha, that they don’t need him? 

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