Neighbours Round Up – March 5, 2008

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NeighboursThe strife between Libby and Darren continues this week. Darren is furious when he learns that Libby has enrolled Ben in Erinsborough Primary School, and feels that his partner is slipping away from him. Darren tells Toadie that he can never live up to Libby’s memory of Drew, while Libby confides her problems to Steph. Toadie and Steph find themselves taking sides in the fight. As Libby becomes increasingly preoccupied with her memory of a perfect Drew, Steph begins to see Toadie’s point of view. Can she make Libby see that there is a problem?

Meanwhile, Janae is having trouble swallowing her jealousy as Ned leaves town with Kirsten to attend their school reunion. Janae’s anxiety gets the better of her and she flies up to the reunion, only to discover that Ned and Kirsten have not arrived. Little does she know that their car has run out of fuel on the way and they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. Waiting for help to arrive, Ned and Kirsten begin reminiscing, and Ned is shocked when Kirsten kisses him. He manages to fend off her advances and the pair eventually arrive at the reunion, where Ned is surprised to find Janae waiting for him. Janae is unable to suppress her jealousy and lashes out at Kirsten. Will Ned and Janae’s relationship begin to disintegrate?

Also this week, mounting bills force Karl to consider a return to medicine at long last – but can he convince the hospital to give him his job back? Susan’s eyesight returns and she decides to push her body to the limit by going on a hike. Rachel has difficulties in her own love life this week, after discovering that handsome Angus is a new teacher at her school.

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