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Jeremy KyleHe has been slated in the press, the show has been slated in the press and even mentioned in the House of Commons, so why do people watch The Jeremy Kyle Show?

Jeremy Kyle is the Jerry Springer of the UK with a talk show which attacks issues head on, allows people to try and resolve issues on screen and above all makes you glad of your own life. The whole show is played out in front of an audience who are both vocal and opinionated, making some of the so called guest feel very unwelcome indeed. While the show has seen short bursts of violence, these are very few and far between with security as tight as possible.

While Kyle has been written off by the press for both his show and his private life, there seems to be something of a witch hunt against him and the producers – something which actually saw the sponsor of the show pull their support. However, he has kept going and while there are some very strange scenes and discussions, he has also been responsible for bringing many subjects into the public arena which are normally taboo. Without agreeing whether this is right or wrong, it has encouraged issues to be discussed and it has given both perpetrators and victims a platform to voice their thoughts and opinions.

The show has also been overseas to Africa showing the dreadful suffering of children over there – something which was never mentioned in the press – resulting in a substantial increase in donations for an array of charities. Kyle is controversial, he is opinionated and he can be controversial, but whatever they say in the press, he has his fans and they seem to be very loyal to the show.

Quite what we can expect to see today remains to be seen!

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