New Show ‘Fight Quest’ Packs A Good Punch

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By McGee Noble

Oh yes. Fighting. Smashing things using various parts of your body. Boys, you LOVE smashing things or, better still, watching other people smash them. This is a show dedicated to this honourable tradition, but the twist is that it’s not about just any fighting but FIGHTING ROUND THE WORLD. You might think this sounds like an episode of South Park but actually it’s the Discovery channel’s latest offering- Fight Quest (Friday, 10pm).

The proposition is that two young American martial arts fighters go round the world and in 5 short days learn as much as they can about the local fighting style. This culminates in a fight against a local expert.

A show like this would usually send me sobbing to another room to watch a documentary and moan about the decline of the modern world, much like the Phone Rage documentary on Channel 4 did last night. However this show was weirdly…good.

It works because it’s part travel show part beat down and where it could degenerate into a ‘Jackass’ goes backpacking, it instead honours the real warrior cultures of the world. In the same way that a good boxing match is a battle of muscle, co-ordination and power, there is something beautiful and raw about the fighting. There is not a jot of choreography, just pure, try-and-kill-each-other passion from both sides. It is also impressive that the bare, brutal training given the guys before the final fight is actually an immersion in the values and beliefs of the culture they are visiting. It leads to some quite poignant moments, especially from ex Iraq soldier Doug, whose approach to the whole experience has an endearing dedication and curiosity.

A surprisingly well handled show, which really balances the fight with the heart and gives a little something for those interested in the cultural aspects of a travel documentary and a little something for those who just enjoy a good old smackdown the likes of which you rarely see outside a boxing ring.

You can check out more info on the show here on the Discovery channel’s website. In fact there are some great unseen clips, including an interview with the guys talking about how much their mums worry about them. The Discovery channel are also offering the chance to win a Ninento Wii so its worth a look.

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  1. Susan says:

    YEah! Fighting! YEah!

  2. Brendan Baker says:

    Nice article McGee 😛