Dinner Ladies

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Dinner Ladies castDinner Ladies is a comedy created by the immensely talented Victoria Wood and starring a number of her friends including Duncan Preston, Celia Imrie and Julie Walters. The programme is set in the canteen of HWD Components, a factory in the North West. The canteen is run by Tony who is keen on Brenda (Victoria Wood). Brenda’s mother (Julie Walters) turns up occasionally to embarrass her by still having affairs and even claiming on one occasion that she is pregnant! The story revolves around the dinner ladies and their lives with employees of the factory – Philippa (Celia Imrie) as the not very efficient head of HR, Mr Michael (the boss) and Jane who is constantly asking if there is any toast available. The cast also includes at least two members of the Coronation Street team and there is a nice dynamic between them.

Tonight’s episode showed Brenda being concerned that Tony had gone off her, even though they planned to spend Christmas together in Scotland. He has been acting shiftily because he was trying to organise a Christmas and birthday surprise for her and managed to get hold of a brass band, an etch-a-sketch, airline tickets to Scotland and a coat. Jane and Twinkle had a £50 bet on whether or not Tony and Brenda would get it together before they made it to Scotland.

It’s hard to believe that only 16 episodes of Dinner Ladieswere made, but each one was a classic.

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